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Balance Therapy

Dizziness and imbalance causing falls is a leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries to people over the age of 65. We specialize in assessing and treating patients who have balance problems with specialized equipment.

Causes of Vertigo and Imbalance

This typically involves up to 3 factors:

INNER EAR (Peripheral System)

CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM     (Brain Stem & Cerebellum)

NEURO-MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM (Back, Hips, Knees, Legs, Ankles, Nerves, Reflexes, etc.)


This starts with a thorough history and examination, in evaluating the above factors. We are one of the few facilities in Santa Monica utilizing VENG (video electro-nystagmography) testing. This computerized machinery is then also used in therapy, based on abnormal findings. Use of other medical professionals and testing is often coordinated including MRI, primary care, and specialty physicians (ENT, Neurology, etc.)